D is for ‘Day Dreamer Challenge Day1’

In response to #1000 Speak for Compassion #Nurture the Mother Earth.

Pen Stroke

The Day Dreamer Challenge  – Nature


Mother Earth..!!!

The land on which we took birth.

Those ever so beautiful attractions,

The plains, plateaus and mountains,

The plants, grass and trees,

The lakes, rivers and the seas.

Everything was in perfect combination,

But we, humans destroyed this wonderful creation,

by disturbing the balance,

that has for centuries saved us.

This has been a deliberate and intentional attack,

We have played a massive havoc,

not just with our own lives,

but with those of our future generations,

by ruthlessly practicing deforestation,

and causing all the destruction,

for satisfying the never ending needs and wants,

and forgetting those ethics and morals.

We have tested enough of her patience,

I fear the day she will loose her tolerance,

as that will be the day she will teach us a lesson,

for taking her selflessness for granted and allowing her to dampen.

Because that day…

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