The Foodie Mee.. :)

Writing 101 – Today, be inspired by a favorite childhood meal. For the twist, focus on infusing the post with your unique voice — even if that makes you a little nervous.

After reading the prompt, first thing I did was to ask my Mom “What was my favourite childhood meal?”, as to be very honest, I am not very particular regarding food. I’ll eat whatever served, unlike my siblings and I am being praised by my family for that.

But, then when I insisted, that there must be something I was very fond of and could have it any time, she replied “Fruits and Juices or Shakes”. And I was like, “Mom, that isn’t a meal” and she started laughing and said,”But for you, it was. When you used to come back home from school, all that you had was fruits and juices. It was probably a day or two out of seven in a week that you had proper lunch.”  I couldn’t resist but join in her laughter, when she added, “Dear, till now if given an option, won’t you prefer to have that?” because the answer to her question is in affirmative.

Apart from that, some of my peculiar food habits or favourites –

  • Everything that my mother and granny cooks are mouth-watering and yummmm.
  • I am fond of Sweets.

  • I love Indian Street Food.

  • Chocolates are any time & every time on for me.

  • I can’t go without Icecreams & Kulfi –

By now, you all must have come to know that I am an all time ”Foodie”.

P.S. – Thanks to “Google” for the images, but I wish these weren’t just images but real.. 😉

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