Life’s Game – Chapter 15

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A Saga by “Crowning Glory”

Chapter 14..?? Read here.

Chapter -15

Tara asked, “Are you okay if we adopt a child, instead of having our own?”

Shekhar was startled and couldn’t believe that Tara just said it and so he reconfirmed, “Are you sure, you don’t want a child of your own?”

Tara had made her mind, she replied, “Yes, I don’t see any wrong in adopting a child rather than bearing one. And, you know it well sweetheart, that I have a long way to go till I reach where I want to be. For no cause, can I risk my dreams. I hope you understand.” She was too determined to let anything come in her way to success and fame.

They had a good discussion over this topic. Tara had her own arguments in her support. She didn’t want a time off from her career as she had just begun to rise on the corporate ladder and she wasn’t even prepared to take up the responsibilities of being a mother and face the challenges of motherhood.  She avoided pregnancy as she didn’t want to waste time by taking maternity leaves or doing anything that would hamper her career growth and decelerate her speeding career path.

Shekhar understood Tara’s passion for her work and her ambitions and hence gave her, her own space and time. He would have preferred to have his own child but considering Tara’s wish he compromised. Moreover, he was sensitive and mature enough to understand that adopting a child would mean one orphan less in the world with a happy and a secure future, and parents’ love that otherwise such children long for. He agreed and Tara felt very lucky to have such an understanding husband.

And now she was left wondering how their love had changed over all these years. The past was gone but it was so good while it had lasted; then what had happened to mess up the present so much? She kept contemplating and fell asleep exhausted, and lost in her memories and thoughts.

The next morning was better than the usual ones at Dutta’s place. It was Roohi’s birthday the day after and they had planned to throw a party; after all she was Tara Dutta’s daughter. At the breakfast table, they had a small discussion over this. Tara said that she will be sending invites to the guests and that the rest should be handled by Shekhar as he was doing nothing sitting at home and she was too busy to organize birthday parties. He felt ridiculed but kept calm and silent as Roohi was present there. He didn’t want her to witness such arguments.

Having said what she had to, Tara left for office. Shekhar thought, “What was the need to mention that I do nothing as it went without saying that I am supposed to organize the party?” He always did. Was it because she had offered him to write those advertisement jingles and he denied? He thought it was better to avoid the arguments & concentrate on the party, so he did and engaged himself with the arrangements.

Jennifer was still busy thinking ways to dig into Tara’s past as she had a strong instinct that something was really fishy behind her quick success and fame and she had to know the reason at any cost. Amidst all this, Shekhar’s invitation for the party was a golden, albeit a last, chance for her to gather all the information that she wanted. Also, she was troubled by the thought that why had Shekhar called her up to invite her, even though they hadn’t spoken much. And, if it was due to professional reasons, then the invite should have been for Marie Claire and not her. By now, she was well aware that Tara didn’t like her and couldn’t want her to be present at her daughter’s birthday.

Also, she would have to be wary of Aryan Ahuja who, being Duttas’s neighbour would obviously be there at the party. She couldn’t afford to meet Aryan and at the same time she couldn’t let go of this last chance to be able to find the answers to the questions that trouble her. Jennifer, otherwise a very happy-go-lucky girl was terrified by the thoughts of her past. She had sworn to never think about her past again but Tara’s success mystery story was forcing her to relive it in her mind. She hated this fact and wanted all this to end soon. This time she was determined enough to leave no stone unturned to reach where she wanted to.


Roohi’s birthday finally arrived. It being a Saturday, Tara had managed to come home early in order to check the arrangements herself and if everything was okay to suit her VIP guests.  While she was busy, the door bell rang. She opened the door and was delighted to see Aryan. She greeted him warmly and Aryan asked if he could be of any help to her with the party arrangements.  This was just to impress the lady herself, Mrs. Tara Dutta. He was such a mean and wicked man. And Tara, as expected, was impressed by this hum done. They indulged in their own conversations which Shekhar silently observed while putting the finishing touches to the party decorations.

A while later, Aryan asked for leave as he had to finish some important work before he could come back for the party. Once he left, Shekhar asked his princess, the birthday girl to go and get ready while he himself went to his room to freshen up.

Tara and Shekhar started attending the guests as they began to arrive. It seemed like such a happy family together. When Jennifer arrived at the door, Shekhar rushed to welcome her. Tara saw the gesture and then understood which friend Shekhar was talking about, about whom she had inquired the other day, after he had disconnected the call.

Jennifer’s eyes were searching for someone. Yes, Aryan Ahuja and she relaxed when he was nowhere to be seen. She had to finish her work before he arrived. He shouldn’t see her there; else, she might land in trouble.

Roohi and her friends were fascinated by the decoration and arrangements Shekhar had done. They started playing with the colourful balloons and the Mickey Mouse Bouncy that he had arranged to put in the corner of the hall as a special attraction for the kids. He had also put up the streamers and hung the balloons all over. A “Happy Birthday Roohi” banner was placed right above the table where the cake Roohi would cut had to be placed. Oh! Yes the cake, it had to be a special one and so it was, a ‘Barbie’ cake for his little doll, which was a surprise for his darling daughter. Jennifer along with the other guests seemed to like the party arrangements.

Shekhar initiated a conversation with Jennifer. He was trying to be friendly while he accompanied her to Roohi. It aroused doubts that how the normally calm and silent Shekhar was suddenly cheerful and candid. But then, she thought, it was probably because it was his daughter’s birthday and she had witnessed the father-daughter bond before. They came up to Roohi, she wished the little girl a very happy birthday by planting a kiss on her cheeks and handing over a gift to her. She knew she was fond of kids but was not able to understand why she had special concern and a soft corner for Roohi. Shekhar excused himself saying that he would be right back after attending a few other guests. He had left her in front of the study.

She also wanted a chance to escape everyone’s sight and get on with her work, the reason she was there. And, Shekhar had helped her with that by safely leading her till the study. She hardly knew anyone except Tara and Shekhar. Tara was too occupied to find time to attend to her. She took advantage of the situation, went inside the study and started searching for anything that could be of help to her in solving the mystery of Tara’s success. She hunted carefully through each drawer and cabinet making sure that she made no noise.

Suddenly, her eyes caught a dustbin where some papers, including the letterhead of an orphanage, were visible and which Tara, after being so disturbed by her past and afraid of the future, had hastily torn and thrown. She turned the bin upside down, probing each paper she got hold of, quickly glancing through its contents. She was a bit relieved having found something that was going to help her a great deal; at least she would now know which direction to head to. She slyly hid whatever she had found to be of use, in her bag.

Since, she wanted to avoid meeting Aryan, she had decided that as soon as she managed to get some hint or evidence or proof, she would rush out of that place. She conscientiously came out with her eyes vigilant enough to check if Aryan had arrived. And, to her surprise, she found out that he hadn’t. She was glad and told herself that it was her day. She had been lucky enough and she had managed to escape from there with whatever she had hidden in her bag.

Soon, she was on the road ahead of Dutta’s complex calling for a taxi controlling her excitement. Finally she got hold of one. Once inside the cab, the first thing that she did was to take out the papers she had brought along and was going through them. Her eyes stuck at a phone number which aroused her curiosity and she immediately dialled it. It rang for quite a long time and then finally someone from the other end responded. Those few seconds when the phone kept ringing were difficult for her to pass but what she heard when the call was picked left her both stunned and delighted. The wait and her efforts were worth it. It was a sense of accomplishment that brought a smile to her face while on the other hand she was left bewildered and obfuscated as the things were still not crystal clear. A lot more was still to be done. She felt as if she had won some battle but she reminded herself that the war is still on and merely winning a battle doesn’t declare her victory. She needs to apply brakes to her emotions and thrill and be more alert and careful now a she cannot afford doing any mistake at this stage. She thought that it wasn’t just a coincidence, it surely had various hidden angles to it which she now has to find out and she will. She promised herself.

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  1. […]  Life Game Previous part here Jennifer’s phone was ringing when she woke up from the nightmare. It was Cyrus. She picked up the call and before she could say anything, Cyrus screamed from other side, “Where were you? I have been trying to reach you for so long.”  Jennifer replied,” I, I was tired because of the work pressure so I just went off for sleep. I am sorry. “ Jennifer could sense his concern for her. She felt a bit relieved. Cyrus didn’t know what to say further. He replied, “Fine! I am granting you an apology only this time but on the condition that you will come for another coffee date with me.” Jennifer surrendered to Cyrus’s request with reason still unknown to her. After keeping the phone down, she looked at her own reflection in the mirror placed on the opposite wall. She looked tired, she was still sweating, her heartbeat was high and even though Cyrus’s call had relaxed her, still she was feeling uneasy. She was confused and afraid. “Why is all my past coming to me again?” she cried. And then the series of incidents that had happened in the last few days started coming back. She remembered seeing Aryan Ahuja, Tara getting perturbed after seeing her tattoo, the blog. Yes, the blog post she had read today. Are all these incidences related? She thought, “What am I missing? Is Tara related to all this? Is my doubt on her spot on or am I becoming too anxious and behaving like this because I do not want to go back to that hell.” She took a deep breath and then thought of working on everything again. She started recollecting whatever had happened in the recently.  She thought about Tara, CEO of Lucky One Media, a lady who seemed dissatisfied even though she had all the power, Shekhar, her husband and the statement he had given. Why will a husband say something like this about his wife? Why had Tara not seemed close to Roohi, an adorable girl who could make anyone fall in love with her? How had Tara became the CEO in such a short span of time? What has she done to get the power? And in all this, Aryan Ahuja, a man who was a past in Jennifer’s life and now seemed to be close to Tara. Are they in a relationship together? Does Tara know Aryan from before? Tara’s face came in front of her. She seemed to be well acquainted with Aryan. Were they both friends? They will be having some relationship for sure, might be she knew him from quite a long time otherwise an alpha lady like Tara will never pay heed to strangers. She got nervous again as she remembered the words she read some hours back on Cyrus’s blog, the title of the blogpost. She quickly opened her laptop and searched the blog. She read the complete post, this time more carefully. With every word her heart beat rose and then she got struck at something, beyond which she was not able to read.  The post clearly mentioned about a tattoo being used by a gang. It had explained about the illegal goings on that was being done by the gang. What if Cyrus came to know about me? She feared. That thought it gave goose bumps to her. Somehow she did not want to loose Cyrus. But what could she do to get answer to her questions? She could not live with this fear anymore. After a lot of struggle she had reached where she was and now she had to be strong and face whatever was coming towards her. She consoled herself and promised that she will get answer to all her questions.  Where should she start from? She wondered. All of a sudden a wicked smile came to her face- Tara! Yes, she thought. She would start from Tara. After all there had to be a strong reason behind her sudden rise. She might not get the answers to her questions but knowing about Tara’s rise of power she could easily gain herself a good position in her job and carreer. She rose from her bed and went to the window and started making the plan on how to meet Tara. She was looking for a way when her phone buzzed again. She was irritataed by the sudden disturbance. “Oh, always at the wrong time,” she murmered. She went to pick up the call and was overwhelemd by the name reflecting on the screen.  She took the call hurriedly and answered,” Hello, jennifer here.”  The voice came from the opposite side,” Hi Jennifer, this is Shekhar, Shekhar Dutta. Hope you remember me. Well, I called you to ask if you could drop in at residence on Saturday night. It is Roohi’s birthday and I was wondering if you can spend some more time with us. ” This was the chance Jennifer was looking for. Luck was in her favor she thought.”Yes, of course. I would love to, Mr. Shekhar. I will be there on time.” Shekhar replied, “Thanks a lot Jennifer. You have reduced my stress.” Jennifer felt fishy,” Stress?” Shekhar trying to clear himself replied, “Oh, yes tension. (After all- remove) You know that Tara remains very busy and I have to do all the arrangements myself that too at such a short notice. By the way don’t forget to come.” And then he disconnected the call. Jennifer felt a sense of satisfaction after the call. “This will be my last chance”, she thought. ******  “Whom were you inviting?” Tara inquired. Shekhar replied,”Umm.. My friend, from a publishing house.” Tara did not seem happy with this unknown guest invitation. After all, she was disturbed with all the recent developments in her life. She sarcastically replied, “Fine; you and your friends. I just hope they would prove to be of some help to you.” Hearing Tara’s reply Shekhar got irritated and replied,” I too hope the same for you.” Saying this, he went out to see where Roohi was playing. Tara was lost again. She felt hurt. She felt cheated. She clearly remembered how Shekhar used to be happy, cheerful and fun loving. She remembered when she had rejected Shekhar’s proposal, the way he had tried convincing her and when she had finally accepted it how happy Shekhar was. He used to do everything what Tara used to say. How proud he was of her and how he used to motivate her. Even after marriage, things had not changed. Shekhar had supported her even in the toughest decisions of her life.  “How has your love changed. Ironic, isn’t it?” she thought.                                                         There was a time when she had asked him if he wanted to have their child. He had replied, “Only if you want sweet heart. Though I would love to have a family” She had then put forward an unusual request to Shekhar, to which he was uncomfortable but wasn’t against… Want to know what Tara asked?? Read on this nail biting thriller here!!! […]


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