“10 minutes” Hat-trick..!!

Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

O God! What a day..why am I repeatedly being asked to do things in 10 minutes. Yes, you got it right. Not just a WordPress writing task of ten minutes, there were two other tasks that I had to complete in the allotted span of 10 minutes. So, it was a “10 minutes” Hat-trick..! And, I am listing those here –

1. “The early Morning Wake Up Warning” – My mom asked me to get up and I was reluctant and repeatedly said, “Maa, 10 more minutes, please, I’ll be up by exact 07:00” She finally warned me that it’s the last time that she is entertaining my “10 minutes” excuse and I woke up well before those scary “10 minutes”.

2. Next my dad called me up at 02:00 in the noon. He had some work & wanted me to reach his office in 10 minutes. I rushed badly. And, thank God, I reached on time.

Oops, it’s already 8 minutes gone..last two minutes to go…Hurry Upp..!!

3. Now, this DailyPrompt task – which I am supposed to finish in 10 mins.

Yayy…I’m done with my task…!!!

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