#Writing 101#CommitToWriting#Day3#

Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

The three most important songs in my life….Ummm..seems difficult…not to write but to list the songs and that too just three is hell difficult for a music lover like me, mainly because of two reasons that I listen to music a lot and it generally depends on my mood which kind of song I listen to.. Sometimes it’s some romantic song, sometime inspirational, some are the dedications to my loved ones (which I generally listen to when I miss them or vice versa), or sometimes my playlist also includes the sad and heart-breaking songs, etc etc etc. So, be it any kind of music, I need Music.. 🙂

For me –




Songs & Music speaks what can’t be said in conversations.

Music is a medicine that relieves me of all the pain and also shares my happiness..!!













P.S.  – Picture Courtesy – Google. Any of the pictures do not belong to me. Neither have they been clicked, nor edited by me.

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