Fantastico Impact of the Peppy Music of the sea waves during our Navigation.

Recently I had been on a trip to Coral islands with my husband, my sister and her husband. From Bangkok, we hired a cab that took us to the ever so appealing and enthusiastic city of Pattaya. From there on, we took a ferry (a means of water transport that has a capacity to carry hundreds of passengers, depending on it’s size. The one we took could accommodate nearly 200-250 people.) that dropped us to the Coral Islands in around thirty five – forty minutes. It was a calm, peaceful and soothing ride. You must be wondering why have i called it as ‘peppy music of sea waves’ when it was a calm ride? Then, my dear friends, the adventure has just begun. While experiencing it, even we weren’t expecting such an experience.

Once we reached there, according to our plan, we made bookings for the famous water-sports (adventure sports activities) for which we had come. The next course of action we took was to keep the baggage into the lockers, change and get ready and be prepared (both physically and mentally) for the fun that lied ahead. After completing all the formalities, we arrived at the shore along with our coach who showed us the boat in which we were to go for our first activity centre i.e. the boat paragliding base. 

The boat that took us to the base was a ‘speed boat’ with a man in mid-twenties driving at full speed crashing against the sea waves from the opposite direction and letting us experience the thrill of being amidst the sea. Finally we reached at the base. The crew members helped us wear the life jackets and instructed as to what we had to do and what was really going to happen. One by one we went for our rides, which was truly a amazingly amazing lifetime experience. Once we all completed our rides, we went back to the shore through the same speed boat & at the same speed (or probably even more). Honestly, the ride on the boat was more scary and deadly than the activity we had actually paid for, we had come here for. Hence, I say, ‘peppy music of sea waves’. 

We experienced the same thrashing and crashing of the boat and the waves again while on the way to our second activity. This time we all were a bit relaxed (not really) but probably because we were better prepared unlike the first time when we had just the ferry experience and moreover our excitement levels surpassed the fear we felt since it was the ‘underwater sea-walk’ that we were to do next. 

On reaching yet another base from wherein they initiate the underwater walk we were again given the life jackets and this time more instructions and cautionary guidelines, since it was riskier. The coach guided us some of the signs of the sign language they use underwater. As one cannot hear or speak underneath sings were a better option or say the only option to let them know if we needed any help. It difficult to accommodate underwater, more so for the non-swimmers like us. Finally, it was our turn and we all went down one after the other along with our guides who showed us the coral reefs, rocks and beautiful fishes beneath. They gave us the food that we could feed the fishes and also it helped us to have a closer view of the sea-life as the fragrance of the food attracted them. After staying there for around half-an-hour we made our way back with our guides. It was indeed a fantastically fantastico feeling being able to complete it successfully and being a witness to such a wonderful world down there. The same boat dropped us back to the shore from where we took another speed boat that took us to Pattaya, where our cab was waiting for us. Yes, we took a speed boat instead of a ferry. This only shows how much we loved the ‘peppy music’ of the waves and how fantastic was the experience throughout our navigation. And, my writing of this post only shows, how deep impact has this left on me.

P.S.  – It was my husband’s idea to connect the five words “Fantastico, Imapct, Peppy, Music and Navigation’ through this travel experience. I have just given words to this. I was thinking what and how to write connecting these words, just when he popped in and said, ‘Dear, why don’t you try your hands on the trip we just had, it probably would cover all the 5 words together’ and after writing this I am like ‘This post is the impact of having a fantastico husband who loves peppy music and navigating from one place to another’. Dear Hubby, I wish you notice that I have used all the 5 words to describe you in a line.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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