No Internet World






Doesn’t it sound like a nightmare not have internet access?

Indeed in today’s world it does seem like one, especially for us. Ask our parents and grandparents, they would be the happiest people alive on earth if that would have happened, since we would spare at least some of our time for them.

Oh! by saying that I’m looking towards the positive aspects of having no internet.

  • Yes, we would find more time for our loved ones.
  • We will create memories not just for the sake of posting on social networking sites but probably we will truly live the moment.
  • We will find some time for our hobbies, if there are some beyond internet.
  • Children would spend more time buying themselves candies, instead of playing candy crush. They would grow up playing the games their parents played growing up. That will probably establish a connection or say help remove the communication and generation gap.
  • Students will try to make their projects on their own instead of doing everything on ‘Google’ and ‘Wikipedia’. With no offences to any of the search engines, this will increase the creativity of the individual, although it has made life easier and less complicated.
  • Our long pending to-do-list can be accomplished.
  • More family and friends time, outings, get-togethers, etc.
  • Last but not the least, the divide which it has physically created will vanish. Take for example, four friends sitting together, each one on their respective phones, connected digitally but divided physically, even though being in immediate vicinity.


Now, before I gain much of the opposition from the people who read this, since it has become possible due to internet that I am able to write and create content for my readers. Had internet not been there, we wouldn’t be here. That’s probably the saddest part of the world without internet. Adding more to this list –

  • No frequent updates about the happenings around the world. The ease of communication and connectivity will reduce.
  • No online shopping, overcrowded markets, long billing queues, etc (Phew..!)
  • No online business and services. The words like ‘E-commerce’ shall become extinct. Yes, ‘extinct’.
  • Those who have their dependency on internet as their ultimate source of living shall altogether suffer the most.
  • No Google and Wikipedia at our disposal. After having been accustomed to the easier resorts, it shall be pretty much difficult to revert back to the age old methods.
  • No social media ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  • No blogs, no bloggers, no ‘you’, no ‘me’. There shall remain no platform for ย interactions at such a large scale.
  • No online discussion forums.
  • No e-learning through audio visual aids at your disposal every now and then.

To conclude I would say that life has become a lot easier and convenient with the advent of internet. If we prudently use it being within the frame of our priorities and responsibilities, it is a boon for the mankind as a whole. It is our usage that is good or bad not the technology. In today’s times it id difficult to imagine life without internet. If it is down even for a day, we tend to feel that the day is incomplete, something is missing, that is our level of dependence on internet.

10 thoughts on “No Internet World

  1. Get the laundry done… actually clean the room nicely… watch a nice movie on tv with family… do gardening and what not? When I don’t ve access to internet life becomes easier, that’s why sometimes I just go off from online world and do lots of things I love. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Wonderful post …

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  2. Well said Garima. I have experienced the life without phone, tv & internet in my college & there is a lot we are missing these days. For instance, the simple joy of receiving handwritten letters.


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