The Peppy Partners-in-Crime

Priyanshi, a high-spirited, happy-go-lucky kinda jolly fellow accompanied by her partner-in-crime Jiya, equally ebullient and vivacious in the matters dealings with life. For both of them, LIFE was a beautiful PRESENT (Gift) from God. They call it a “Present” since they were firm believers of sayings like “Take the life by the day” & “Live in the present moment”, etc. etc. During hardships or the low times, one used to remind the other, “Zindagi ek baar mili hai, jee le yaar, jaada soch mat”, meaning “You get to live only once, so don’t think much and live it up to the fullest”.

Their day began and ended together. Their mornings and evening were always on the same time, then it was immaterial as to what time the clock showed. If it is 12 in the noon and Priyanshi is willing to sleep, it was both of their’s night time when it was noon time for the world.

They ate together, they slept together, they went to school and college together, studied together and played together. And if I am not dragging it too far, in their early childhood days, they even did bath together. They played pranks together and they faced punishments together. Their games were no simple and girly having the barbie as the protagonist, they had their own ways of doing things in and out. They helped themselves land into some trouble and also managed to have an easy escape.

Their pranks ranged from doing make up of their fast asleep kith and kins, tying the shoe laces of two people standing adjacently, making animal sounds and trying something (anything and everything) new (however scary it might be) in the name of their so called principle “Zindagi ek baar milli hai……” With the increasing age their fun filled life also expanded. Although they played many pranks, ever since their early childhood to their attaining majority and maturity, they made sure that due to their fun-oriented act (as they call it) no one was ever harmed, injured or hurt. Yes, they played pranks but with the sole motto of having some entertainment for them as well as for others around and not with any malafide intentions. No one in their immediate vicinity or surroundings could sit with a long face or resist to smile, rather they assured muscular pains in the jaws and belly with the amount of laughter they donated.

I won’t be exaggerating if I say, they are like cup and saucer, pen and nib, lock and key, the two inseparable souls. Moreover they came to this planet earth in pairs and probably their journey started from itself. Priyanshi was born at late night on the last day of a financial year while Jiya, in early morning hours of the first day of a financial year in the same hospital and laid on adjacent beds. Their birth also marks the beginning of their mischievous and notorious activities ‘together’. By now, we all know that they are the best of friends but it is worth a mention here that they are also ‘sisters from different mothers‘ or ‘soul sisters (as they call themselves)’. They are the ‘first cousins’, peppy partner-in-crime from birth till death does them apart.


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