Mobile phones are no more, ‘just Mobile phones’..!!

My Airtel App allows me to do ‘N’ number of things sitting comfortably on my cushy white couch and saves me the pain to physically travel to the customer care centre in this sweltering heat and high temperatures. It has a variety of features, namely –

  • It allows you to make the payments of your bills sitting at home or from anywhere in the world. Here, my mum asks me to pay the bill and here it is ‘paid’ and I say, ‘Mom, you shocked. I rocked’ to which my mum replies, not you, your airtel app. lolzz.
  • It allows you to recharge your phone instantly and also helps to check the recharge details and history.
  • It lets you check the remaining balance in your account in all respects viz, data pack, main balance, etc.
  • It helps you to record your favourite programs to be viewed later.
  • It gives you an exposure to the wide arena of games available online and lets you downloads those and enjoy at ease.
  • It sends you an alert message whenever your balance falls low or your data pack is about to expire or when the due date of your bill falls due.

Don’t you think these features make this app worth downloading and using? Don’t you think the Airtel people correctly claim it to be the simplest way to manage all your Airtel services through your handset?


Although all the features provided by My Airtel App are lovely and lovable, but since I have to name three, they shall as be as follow –

  1. Ease in Bill Payments and it’s reminders – With the usage of My Airtel App, the payments of bills has become very easy and convenient. No more long queues and waiting lines, no more time issues, no hustle bustle, pay your bills on your time, sounds so relaxing and comforting. Moreover, the payments we make are safe and secure. And, these reminders not only help me to save on my time and money but also to manage them both. Like suppose you are on your way for a meeting and today is the last date of one of the bills you need to pay, all you have to do is to take out your cell phone and make the payment while on the way. Does it not save your time, money and efforts. You might ask “Yes, it does saved me a lot of time but how money, I still had to make the payment?” Then my dear friend, don’t you think in today’s competitive world, “Time is Money”. Time saved is Money earned, isn’t it?
  2. Recharge when you wish to – The next best part is I can recharge also according to my convenience. Before you misinterpret, by this I mean I can recharge at any point of time from anywhere and everywhere. Also, to surprise me, there are ‘surprise coupons’ of PVR Cinemas, CCD,,,,, etc  with every recharge done. More than a surprise, they are a treat as who doesn’t visit these places or sites, once in a while.
  3. Last but not the least, it helps you record programs that you can watch as and when free.

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