There cannot be any better decorations than cleanliness

“Swachhta se achhi koi sajawat nahi”, meaning “There cannot be better decoration and ornamentation than cleanliness” was the motto led and followed by the Swasikans (fellow members of an organisation named, Swastik) as their way of bidding farewell to the year 2015 and welcoming the year 2016. Yes, this was undertaken on the first day of this year, still I am including this in my post to be submitted for “Spread the Vibe” campaign whereby we need to share stories that inspired us in 2015 because as they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, similarly the preparations for this activity has its roots in 2015 only the day of implementation fall this year.

The message spread by this campaign and the video is just more than awesome that if each one of us stop the root cause of this problem and practice this each day, such campaigns would not be required any longer. Lets consider our country as our home.Unfortunately, I could not be the part of this event but I am really inspired and I will contribute my bit by spreading the message to the world not as a campaign but as a habit that we practice.  


P.S. – The video embedded in this post has been created by Team Swastik. The original link lies here. Hats off Team Swastik and Swastikans. Kudos.

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