Mumma – Our Go To Person for everything.

Prompt – My First Expert – Growing up, our mothers were our go to person for everything. They had a solution for all things under the sun, from homework hassles to playground problems. She’s always been there for you, your go-to person for everything. Your soundboard, each time you wanted to vent. Your secret keeper, for all the times you wanted to let loose. Your firefighter, for when things got out of hand. Your protector, from everything that scared you. Your teacher, so that you could learn to fight your fears. She is the first person you learnt to rely on.

Yes, I have used the exact lines of the prompt in order to relate it to the post as when I was reading the lines, I could relate an incident to each and every word and phrase, so it will be easier for my readers to stay connected while going through the post.

1. Solution to homework hassles and  playground problems – Yes, very aptly said, she had solutions to all my homework related issues, be it grammar (both english and hindi), or mathematics or be it preparing me for some competitions or projects or assignments. She was and has always been a one stop solution for all academic and co-curriccular activities or to be precise, I should say hassles. Coming to the playground aspect. I have no shame in admitting that I was the kind of girl who couldn’t bear failures. It was her and only her who taught me to positively accept failures. She always says, “Failure is the first step to succeed, until and unless, you fail, you won’t know what it means to succeed.” And with respect to games, she says,  “If one wouldn’t loose, how would the other win? What if today it were you who lost, next time it will be someone else. Be patient and focused, the day of your victory shall surely come but if you get disheartened and pessimist, chances are that it would never come.”

2. My Soundboard, when I wanted to vent – It was customary for me to come home, put off my bag, open my shoes and socks and sit in front of her to utter all that was sensible and nonsense that had happened in the entire day, ranging from a small quarrel with any classmate to the teacher’s praise/criticism, from all that was taught to all that would be taught, from all that happened in the school van to all that happened during lunch or sports or activity class. And, did she ever have a choice? Of course not. She had no other option put to listen to whatever I had to say. Rather, she happily lent a patient ear. All that she said was to have lunch before my radio station would tune in but I would not listen to her 9 out of 10 times on this aspect as after seeing her I couldn’t resist to start and she knew it, so she used to have some fruits or juice ready for me for the time my talks didn’t finish. Wonderful She is.

3. My Secret – Keeper – Yes, she is, even till date we people share a lot. She has always been of the opinion as and when the kid grows, try to be his/her friend rather than being a stereotypical parent. And, she has always been a best friend to me. In my childhood, all that I uttered to her was just between us, although there wasn’t much to be disclosed far back then. But even today, what we share as friends, stays between us exclusively. The only thing that has changed is now, I (in the shoes os a friend) am also her secret keeper. This has further deepened the roots of the bond we share. Not just a mother and daughter, we are friends too.

4. Fire – Fighter and Protector – It is a well known fact that whenever in trouble or hurt, the first word that comes to our mouth is “Maa”, isn’t it? That’s because we all know she would always be the first one to come to our rescue against any evil or bad. She indeed is a saviour, she has fought a lot for my rights, my happiness but she never speaks a word for her own. Probably, that’s why she is  a mother and mother’s are meant to be this way.

5. My First, The Best, The Most Adorable and My Forever Teacher – They say ‘Home is your first school and your parents your first teacher’. True, indeed. My mom is not just my first teacher but a forever teacher. I’m sure whenever in life, I might go wrong she would be the first one to correct me and when I need help, she would be the first on ego guide me. Whether physically she’s there by my side or not, every small thins that she has taught me comes out to be a teaching big enough to help me take good decisions for a  better life and helps me transform into a better individual each day. Her way of making us understand life is very unique. For every life situation, she has a saying or proverb or some guiding text that attracts and appeals you, and as a result you don’t forget. Moreover, she says them quite often to help us understand, follow and cherish throughout. What better a teacher could be or could do?

She is my best friend, a knowledgeable guide, my forever teacher, a selfless mentor, and above all the most wonderful mother, a mother could ever be. She is a perfect amalgam of everything out there in the world. She is a happy-go-lucky kind of a person filled with positivity and spreads smiles wherever she goes. She understands me the way none can. She has always done and will always do. She has always been there and she will always be there. I am more than blessed to have her as a mother and it is ‘Her and only Her’ whom I want as a mother in all subsequent births.

After, having read all this I am sure it goes without saying as you have all understood by now, that indeed “My Maa (Mum, Mumma, Mummy) has been my Go-To Person for everything and anything. Even today, she is the first one on my mind to share happiness and grief and to discuss and help me solve life problems. I love you Mumma, Although it’s a very tiny, minutely minute word to say to someone like you but still Maa, ‘Thanks’ for being there. Accept this as a token of gratitude, a symbol of thankfulness to the ‘Epitome of Love’.

P.S. – In response to the activity hosted by Godrej Expert on  Indiblogger platform.

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