F says… “Friend”

In response to A-Z April Challenge I asked my husband, F says, he replied, FRIEND. As you are to me, and I am to you. Husbands and wife later, first friends are few. For this prompt, he inspired, since, 'Friend' he answered. Although, I thought of the same word, but his answer affirmed and confirmed. … Continue reading F says… “Friend”

B is for “Bestie”

Stones are many, but not all are gems, Friends are many, but not all are best of friends. The people who truly care  are hard to find, they are rare. The people who lend their ear even when you have all rubbish to share. The people you need, The people who pay you heed. The … Continue reading B is for “Bestie”


Daily  Prompt - You get some incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic news. What’s the first thing you do? Wooowwww... That's a good news..!! I stood startled and confused, as to how and what should I react, Coz I found something I did least expect. A news that comes all of a sudden, takes time to adapt … Continue reading supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Time – The Supreme Power

Time kills, Time heals. Time troubles, Time solves. Time jingles, Time mingles. Time irritates, Time rejuvenates. Time challenges, Time manages. Time starves, Time feeds. Time takes, Time gives. Time pains, Time relieves. Time doubt's, Time believes. Time burdens, Time lightens. Time darkens, Time brightens. Time blunts, Time sharpens. Time cuts, Time heals. Time has wings, … Continue reading Time – The Supreme Power

Nothing taste better than ‘Sweets’.

Sweet is anything having pleasant taste spreading happiness. A substance or a thing Be it rock solid or liquid paste, it lends sweetness.   The form might differ but not the essence, that is preserved over the ages. The names might differ but not the sweet confectionery, that are inherited through generations.   Be it … Continue reading Nothing taste better than ‘Sweets’.