A Letter to my students in response to merging of CA May 2020 exams with Nov.2020.

Dear Friends,
प्यारे बच्चों,

Hope you are all doing well in these tough times and with this rough news.

I don’t know how this is going to be perceived by the student community as a whole but I know that none of our students should take it negatively, instead take it as an opportunity

  • to do what remains long due
  • exercise your hobbies
  • be creative
  • bring the best out in you
  • spend time with loved ones, talk our hearts out, allow them to pour theirs. 🤔

Don’t be disheartened as exams to hone hi wale h bas thoda patience test ho rha h and that is in the best interests of our health and the general interest of the society and trust me this isn’t a big cost to be paid for the same.
Maybe this shall save us the worst case scenario..
Maybe this is for the greater good..
Maybe this was destined..!!

And trust me God always has better plans for us than we have for ourselves. Trust him, trust his plans and nothing shall go wrong. 😄

Moreover, this is not going to impact us in the long run. This seems a big difference when we talk of these 3-4 months but if we see ourselves 7,8,10 years down the line, it will be immaterial. Trust me is waqt ki sirf achhi kahaniyan yaad hongi ye Bura waqt nhi..!! 😅

Last but not the least, don’t leave your permanent abode unless and until necessary, exercise utmost care and caution in these difficult times. Stay safe, after all, it’s has all happened to ensure our safety. 😇

And it goes without saying but still a gentle reminder so that you don’t forget that we are all just a call way..feel free to connect..feel free to share..feel free to talk..!!
Or kch nhi to man ki bhadas nikal lena or thoda apna self esteem or confidence barkarar rkhna dosto qki dosto, जान है तो जहान है। 😄

One for all, All for one.

P.S. – Due credits for the featured image to the real owner.

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