Though Less Lived but Well-Lived.


Naam Mashoor,

Dilo me Maqbool,

Medium chahe Hindi ho ya Angrezi,

Paan Singh Tomar ki baat thi kch aisi,

that not being born with a silver spoon,

and having No Bed of Roses,

Phir b apne dam pe kia sab Haasil.

Jaipur se nikal k kia Salaam Bombay,

From there to Inferno and Life of Pi.

Amazingly Amazing, a man as he was

Inspiration to all Piku‘s who come across.

Moving ahead since then,

Never looked back, requires a mention.

Lunchbox se Talwar tak,

Amazing Spider Man se Jurassic World tak,

Unki Life in a…Metro ka Karvaan hai kch aisa,

ki Awards or Fame to sabko milt jata hai,

Par Dilo pr raaz har koi nhi kar pata hai.

Kissi k chale jane pe aisa to kam hi hota hoga,

ki koi Anjaana bhi palkein nam kr rota hoga.

Truly a real Warrior was he.

And his name, not just for The Namesake.


P.S. – All the names in red are the films that he acted in during his lifetime.

P.P.S. – Piku, here is personified as a common noun.

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