Grateful for..??


All Happy People out there 🙂

What am I grateful for today?

The question indeed has ‘N’ number of answers but we seldom forget those ample reasons and be saddened and affected by one reason of being not – so – happy. Not missing out on my chance to list those ‘happy reasons’, here are a few –

– I take this opportunity to thank God up above in heaven and my ‘God on Earth’ for such a wonderful life and letting me learn the ways to lead it happily.

– Thank you God for a super special and family including my grandparents to my son. It is indeed is a blessing to have them all by my side.

– Thank you for making me capable enough to do things that I do, ranging from waking up comfortably to sleeping peacefully.

– Thank you for keeping my family and me in good health.

– Those small little things that put smile on my face.

– Further, I would thank all near and dear ones for making my life better and happier. –

– Last but not the least, it reminds me of my school time poem,

“Thank you God for the world so sweet,

Thank you God for the food we eat, Thank you God for the birds that sing,

Thank you God for everything. ”

With a smile on my face,

Garima Parakh Dakalia #HappyVibes #happyme

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