Euphoria…Happiness Unbound.. :)

The title of the post itself indicates that something so wonderful has happened to give us joy unbound, to be merry and to rejoice. Yes, one of the poems “Varied Perceptions” that I wrote along with my sister has been selected to be a part of the Anthology “Colors – Shades of Life”, scheduled to be launched on March 23 i.e. Holi – the festival of colours. What a coincidence, it truly justifies the title of the book.

It is indeed a great pleasure for someone who is just a beginner like me to be published along with the other contributing authors and poets whose works have been published quite a lot of times earlier. Amidst the storehouse of such talented persons in the team, one such man is Saravana Kumar Murugan (Sarav), who himself has many  books to his credit, both as an author as well as the editor. It is him who is the source of origin of this wonderful and beautiful looking book. (Have a look at his blog, here). I am waiting for the day when I take it in my hands and rejoice. I want to thank the entire Team Colors. I express my heartfelt gratitude towards one and all associated in putting the book in the form it is. I’m sure for all those who love to read, this book shall be a treat.






“Life is a supernova of emotions, a multi-colored extravaganza and a celebration of colors that carve a way for us to be “expressive”. These colors often vary from situation to situation. They may be vibrant, bright and attractive, or even bland and gloomy. Nevertheless, they invoke the soul from within and portray the various dimensions of life.

Come and explore the various shades of life – from the lighter tones of friendship and love to the murkier hues of revenge and murder – of human beings, of how their personalities and their situations mould them into their real selves – in this anthology of prose and verse, from authors across the world, Shades of Life.”

It is just a very small step in this huge world lying ahead to be explored. Your reviews are awaited and feedback will be highly appreciated as I firmly believe that it harnesses the scope of improvement. The pre-orders have already started. You can reserve a copy for yourself and your friends on Amazon.Do take a look at the links and but the book if you find them interesting.

Those who pre-order the book please inbox me (at the order number or the screenshot of the same, that shall be put on the official Facebook page of “Colors – Shades of Life“, as a token of Thanks. I shall be grateful to all my fellow blogger friends who decide to read this book and I am hopeful that it will add the much needed colors to your lives.

 Pre-order now on Amazon:

It is available for review and discussion on GoodReads. Also, you can take up the quiz on GoodReads, here.

Have a colourful life..!!

Much Love,

Garima & Jagriti

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