Promises, not meant to be broken..!!

While surfing internet, I suddenly stumbled upon this activity at blogadda #SadaSexy asking about the ‘kasams women want from their man’. Undoubtedly, my brain is flooded with ‘n’ number of promises that a lady could wish from her prince charming. And, this is the reason I found it so interesting. I was preoccupied with some work but this activity created a magnetic affect and attracted me towards it so strongly that I forgot what I was upto and immediately logged in and so I am here listing just a few of them which I expect from my dream man in real life.


  • A Promise that we will always spend some quality time together. It could be like we spare some time only for each other amidst our busy schedules. Yes, I say ‘we’ as I feel it has to be mutual.
  • A Promise that he shall never lie to me. Come what but may, he shall always honour me with the truth and never comfort with a lie. In return, I promise to always trust him.
  • A Promise to accept my family as his own. I promise to do the same.
  • A Promise to be my ‘secret diary’. Our secrets shall only be our’s. No sharing or disclosing to anyone allowed.
  • A Promise that he will keep doing the things he did to please me before marriage, even after we get married.
  • A Promise to get involved in the small silly things that lends me pleasure. It could range from lying besides each other gazing at the stars in the clear skies on a dark and peaceful night, seeing the shapes in cloud formations,  getting wet in rains, playing with splashes of water, etc. etc. Disclaimer – He should’t consider such things silly but understand that these little things make a big difference.
  • A Promise to patiently deal with my mood-swings, irritations, and frustration.
  • A Promise to listen to what I have to state, mention or discuss.
  • A Promise to stand by my side through the high and the low tide.
  • A Promise to help me accomplish my dreams.
  • A Promise to trust me and never doubt.
  • A Promise to sing for and dance with me for an entire lifetime.
  • A Promise to discuss things before deciding. A feel that even my opinion matters is always important.
  • A Promise to fulfil these promises for eternity.
  • Last but not the least “Promise me Togetherness Forever”.

When you do it all, I promise to make our journey together a worthwhile and joyous ride. I promise to reciprocate equally and try to do some more of my bit. And, yes, I trust you enough that I know you won’t break any of them intentionally.

P.S. –“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda in association with Set Wet.”

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