Getting Inspired from the Inspiring

I just came across the “Spread the Vibe“, initiative by “Youth ki Awaaz” wherein we discuss about the people, places and stories that inspired us to feel good in 2015.

After giving it some thought, I realised that there isn’t any one person, place or incident that inspired me in the previous year, so I list down a few such incidents and/or about few such people who had been a source of great inspiration.

  • While on a vacation with my husband, we met a family of three, mother father and a daughter, so cheerful and too happy to be sad at any point of time. She fell of after getting slipped and was about to cry as an obvious response from a 2-3 years old. And suddenly appeared her mum with a camera and pout and whispered, “Selfie?”. And instead of the crying, she did pout instantly and we both couldn’t resist the laughter. Later, we requested if we could get a click with the little girl to which they agreed. My husband now seldom shows me that pic when he senses that I might cry and to my surprise we both find ourselves laughing again. She taught us to be happy, to rejoice and celebrate the life we have got.


  • Another lady who inspired me this year was my mother’s maid who has a cruel and ill-mannered husband. She managed to arrange her daughter’s marriage all on her own, when instead of getting support from her husband she gained resentment and opposition. She didn’t let her husband and step-sons have an upper hand. Even though she isn’t a literate woman and does not belong to the society that believes in equality between the two genders still she managed to fight hard against her husband and step-sons who tried to create all sort of troubles and hurdles for her and her daughter. Today, the girl is happily married and is expecting her first child whilst the lady has decided to get separated from her husband who made sure to bring her all evils and bad name but she stood and still stand as firm as a mountain. She has left her husband’s home to live in her own home and is living her life with head held high, with the confidence and spirit that only a few women in our society dare to show. She truly is an inspiration for the women of our country.


  • Towards the last quarter of the year, when winters are approaching soon (here in our country, India), I came in contact with a group of students studying in classes XI and XII who had come up with the idea of collecting old clothes from in and around the city to be distributed to the poor people living in nearby areas who die of the chill as they don’t have anything to protect them against the chilly winds and the cold. And to my surprise (and I believe, to yours too), they collected, packed and distributed around 25000 clothes. Isn’t that a very big thought, idea, task and number for the students of higher secondary?

There are some more such stories and inspirations that could be listed as an year is too long for just a few inspirations, is what I feel. But, here I have listed just three, one each from personal happiness, courage & women power and social upliftment & philanthropy sections.


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