Togetherness Redefined

You must be wondering why “Togetherness” redefined and how? Before moving further have a look on the video to get a clearer understanding of what I am trying to convey –

I suppose after having a look over the video, it’s a nearly accessible that here we would be talking about ‘real togetherness’ that has been wonderfully depicted through this amazingly created and crafted video. In today’s tech-savvy world we seldom find time for our near and dear ones. Isn’t it? Think of examples from our daily life, here are a few that I wish to quote and to which almost each one of us would be able to connect –

  •  When you are present with our loved ones, only physically and not mentally (and so i use the word ‘present’ and not ‘spend quality time’),
  • When your mother keeps calling you for dinner and you are busy over phone or laptop, are you doing something really important at that point of time?
  • On the way to a family outing or dinner, the daughter is busy chatting over her cell-phone, the son on some ‘so-called important phone call’ the father concentrates on driving and the mother feels lucky that at least the whole family is together. Is this why you plan family outings for? Instead it would have been better if they had dinner together on the dining table cooked by their domestic goddess with great love and affection at their sweet home. I hope you assent to this.
  • It’s a friends night out together and unfortunately, now a days, the typical scene in that room (may be after a couple of hours) is that a few get glued to some corners murmuring and whispering over phone in order to avoid the others over hearing and the rest who are beyond this category are fast asleep, do they have any other option? What a wonderful ‘friends night out’, after all “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Sometimes, friends are of great help even when they are asleep.
  • In trains, you find more smart phones these days than books or playing cards or chess boards as in previous times. Everyone sits with one’s earplugs or headphones on, active in their own virtual world and all disconnected from the real world while a few years ago the scenario was entirely different. In a two days journey, they became friends with strangers as if they knew each other from ages and now its difficult to make out that you are friends travelling together.
  • Today’s children are born smarter. They prefer playing video games and online games sitting on a couch instead of getting physically involved playing games in the natural surroundings. We prefer air-conditions over fresh/natural air.
  • Exercising in gyms and closed cubicles is preferred over morning walks, jogs or yoga in the open gardens.

Considering all this it is not at all surprising if we have more of health issues, whether physical ailments or mental illness or emotional distress. We have become more sophisticated and hence more less fit. All these are bound to happen.

The only question that pops up in my head while thinking all this is that “Have we really advanced or we have gone back in time?”

P.S. – Post inspired from the “Kissanpur Real Joy of Togetherness”

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