#UC made it easy..!!

“Friendship”..Is there any other bond like this one? Is there any other relation that can match the level of feelings that the friends preserve, treasure and share. They are the ones who put you into trouble and they will be the first to fight with and for you, if somebody else has made you land into one. They are the ones without whom you cannot live and with whom you live to the fullest. Similar bond was shared amongst an all boy gang, the only prima-facie advantage they had being ‘an all boys group” was ‘no check on the usage of slangs’. They didn’t have to ‘beep beep beep’, they freely used the word. By no means I an saying that girls don’t use slangs, they use it more often. Neither do i mean that it is an offence to utter such auspicious words from your mouth in front of girls. All I am meaning is that these people were all gentlemen, they don’t use such terminology in front of women, you know or probably they were too shy to even talk to girls, that’s the reason they didn’t have one in their group.

So, this ‘no girl gang’ was on a trekking trip for 10 days. They all took permissions from their parents (In India, we have to and I don’t see any harm in that), tickets and bookings arranged, bags packed and all set to go. Another advantage of being boys, no shopping or packing  tantrums. So they all set for their expedition.

On the third day, one of them, Karan fell off the hill and was seriously injured. For some obvious reasons they didn’t go any further and the entire team rushed him to the nearest hospital with the help of some localities and their coach. It won’t be much surprising, if I say they didn’t inform at home, just because they didn’t want their parents to be worried. Fortunately, the doctors said that he is alright and would soon recover. All of them were upset but less than Karan. He felt too bad as it was because of him that their trip was spoiled. More than the pain this feeling troubled him. The seventh day of the planned trip, he was discharged. But it was no use gong further. The trip had ended. Karan felt miserable bad. They all wanted to go home with smiles on their faces and in a cheerful mode. So they were thinking for the best possible outcomes in this situation. One of them suggested that they should cheer Karan’s mood first , rest all will be automatically fine. Another friend Raghav instantly responded, “Karan ka mood thick karma hai, chalo use match diktat hai” (meaning if we wish to cheer Karan up, make him see the cricket match). But, in the hilly terrain with bare minimum funds as much was spent on his treatment, it was difficult. But Raghav the smartest and the most brightest of all was sure to think of something and he did. The next moment the live updates and the live score were all in his hands, I mean in his cell-phone. Alongwith that some snacks and drinks to lighten up their moods was the perfect combo for all boys to have a great party time. Finally they all thought “Something is better than Nothing”. Atleast they didn’t miss the world cup match. Had they been on their routine trip, they would have missed it. And, so they were happy. “All is well that ends well.”, quoted Raghav. A match made their trip. They were thankful to Raghav and his UC Browser app. Had this app not been there, seeing the match uninterrupted and being updated wouldn’t have been possible the way it was.

The next day they returned home from their trekking trip, as their families knew. But, ‘gentlemen’ as they were, they informed their parents and families about the instance that happened. And, they felt proud of their kids that they were mature enough to handle the crisis situation.

Have a look at the funny yet informing video –

P.S.- This is in response to the UC Browser‘s campaign ‘Surf it All! Surf it Fast!”.

** For more information, check out, UC Cricket

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