Double century..yippee. .!!!

I know I am a bit late for this article but do we have any earmarked time for sharing our happiness and thanking people behind it?
No, shall be the answer. So here, I go..!!!

Yes, by ‘Double Century’ , I meant 200+ followers. That implies double the love, double readers, double responsibility and double the happiness.

For some it might not be a very big achievement, but for me it indeed is one. Each follower of mine is like a friend to me which listens (reads) to whatever I have to utter (write), a guide and a mentor from whom I have learnt a lot and I owe a great deal to them.
So, I don’t have 200 followers but I have 200 friends who have faith in me, despite the fact that they do not know me..The inconditional love and support that each one of you have extended is worth praising and applauding as without you all this wouldn’t have been possible. The journey so far wouldn’t have been so amazing. Thanks to all my dear friend readers.


Thank you God for blessing me with the ability to write.

And, then there are some real life people, some blood ties that deserve a mention here.
Beginning with my parents, Mum who knows it all , every small detail about me and my blog and is happier than me when I accomplish even a smallest target; Paa, who although unknowingly but has always trusted in my writing skills (despite the minimal I have); my entire family; the sweet, sexy set of the sizzling siblings that I have (know them here); a crazy yet adorable friend of mine; and last but not the least my dear husband who has celebrated each like and follow on my blog since the day he came to know of my ‘bloggie’ love.
It might sound like an award winning speech, but for me it’s no less.

With folded hands, many thanks to all of you!!!

Immense love to all.

15 thoughts on “Double century..yippee. .!!!

  1. Many Congratulations and thanks for following my blog. I was in hibernation for quite some time and hence couldn`t acknowledge. I will get back to reading your posts soon. Keep writing 🙂

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