The ‘Last’ Hug or The ‘Lost’ Hug..???

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Gauri and Sara are the best of friends. It was on the morning of the third sunday of June, when Gauri called up Sara to ensure if she was fine or not. Yes, you guessed it right,if you did, it was ‘Father’s Day’. Both of them pretended to talk as normally as they could, although Gauri knew that Sara wasn’t okay while Sara knew it well why had her friend called up so early in the morning, on this day. They talked as they usually do and hung up in a while, trying to avoid the topic. But the silence spoke well and it was sufficient to convey how Sara felt and her inability to express the pain due to the presence of her mom.

Half an hour later, Gauri’s phone beeped. It was a message from Sara, well anticipated in advance by her. She was dead sure that Sara would leave a text and hence was eagerly waiting for it. She hurriedly opened the message and started reading. The message said, “Father’s presence in one’s life is like Sun. The sun might be hot but once it disappears, it all dark. Similarly a father might be harsh and strict but when he’s gone, life becomes hard and difficult”. She kept numb, her jaws dropped, fingers froze and heart cried as she could feel the pain her friend felt but their was nothing much she or anybody for that matter could do about it. She had just one question in mind, “Why God?, Why do you do so?”

Once she gained senses, she left a reply to call her as soon as it’s possible for her to talk, which she knew she would herself do as from the past many months, this was a routine procedure that they talked when no one was around Sara. That was the only escape route left for her tears. She fought them, she controlled them but in front of her, she rolled them down her cheeks. Only Gauri and Sara’s pillow knew the amount of tears she had shed.

After a short while, Sara called Gauri and made sure she kept free to talk when she called. Gauri picked up the call and asked her to speak her mind and spill whatever inside. Sara kept numb as if she didn’t feel anything and failed to respond. On her insisting so much, all she said was, “Where has Papa gone? Why has he left us alone so early? Doesn’t God know we need him. Mumma needs him. I miss him soooo much, not just today but always, every moment from the day he has left. I wish to hug him once, (at least today), I so wish I could hug him so tight that I wouldn’t have allowed him to go.” And she cried endlessly.

P.S. – I am participating in the ‘#HugYourDad’ activity for Vicks in association with BlogAdda.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

P.P.S. – I also write this as a ‘Tribute to her father and the bond they shared.’ I write this as a ‘Prayer’ to give her courage to stand against all the odds. I write this to ‘Salute her’ for what she had done save his life. Hats off Girl..!!!

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