#SmellyToSmiley.. :)

It was a bright sunny sunday afternoon and Shekhar’s had planned to host lunch in their friends circle. The sun was clearly visible after a week of rains when it had been playing hide and seek with the clouds. And, since they hadn’t met in a long while, so Mr. Shekhar proposed the idea of lunch to which his wife nodded in affirmative. He posted an informal invite message in their group asking them all to meet for  a small get – together. Finally they all agreed.

Mr Shekhar and three of his friends are together since their college days and go on well with each other. After they got married, their wives continued this relation and they also became good friends. So, for all the four couples, it was a jolly time.

Although out of excitement Mrs. Shekhar agreed for the lunch but to make the home guest-ready after such heavy rains, on such a short notice was a tedious job. They had a small discussion over the menu and it was sorted. The items on the list that day were gulab-jamun, paneer tikka, manchurian, pasta, fried rice and noodles and sizzling hot brownie with ice-cream to be served as dessert. And, welcome drink was Mrs. Shekhar’s choice. She had recently learned a new mocktail and wanted to try that. The next thing on the task-list was who’s going to do what? And, for some obvious reasons cooking was left to Mrs. Shekhar and her helper while Mr. Shekhar was happy doing the outside chores connected with the market area. They all set for work.

While doing her work, Mrs. Shekhar realised something was to be done for the slightly pungent smell spread over the house after the rains. Although not that noticeable but she wanted the environment to be very fresh and fragrant. She seemed tensed over the issue as she had already tried many tricks over the past week to overcome this odour all through the rains but she didn’t succeed completely. Her maid could sense it and suggested to use some good room freshener to fight the odour. Finally, she called her husband who had already left for the market to bring some good room freshener.

Mr. Shekhar returned home and the lunch was ready by then. Both the ladies were busy with the ambience and presentation aspect. The spray of the ‘Lavender AmbiPur’ left the entire house lingering with the sweet and delicate fragrance which was noticed and appreciated by their friends. The food was as usual very delicious and awesomely cooked. They all had a pleasant, nice and memorable time together, after a long time. From the ‘smell’ Mrs. Shekhar managed to bring ‘smiles’ to the faces of her guests. And in a country like India, where “Atithi Devo Bhav”, (meaning ‘Guests are God’) is the concept, if their guests returned happy, they had to be happy and so they were.

P.S. -I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at BlogAdda.com in association with Ambi Pur.

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