It’s a girl.

Worth a read and give it a thought..!!

simple head girl

“Congratulations,Its a girl.”

“Its a Girl.” Sighed the world,
Now you will have to take care of her,
Just to let her go one day.

But the hands that held her,
Saw the shimmer in her eyes,
For all they knew,that she was their ray of light.

It didn’t matter to them,
If their baby was a him/her,
All they knew was,It was their duty to protect her.

“It’s sad you don’t have a son.” They said,
Who would look after you,
And always stay.

But,the mother who held her,
Knew what a daughter’s love,
Always felt so real even though miles apart.

“Oh,she is fragile and beautiful like a flower,
Keep her locked inside,
Away from the skies.”They said

But,The father who saw his little baby,
Open her tiny eyes,cry and fall asleep,In his huge arms,
Knew that the spark in her eyes could turn into flames and spread.

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