Sathi Hath Badhana…!!

The title of the post means, “Friend, come let’s join hands”. It comes from the lyrics of a very famous song “Sathi hath badhana, ek akela thai jaega, milker both uthana, sati hath badhana.”, translated to english, it means, “O Friend, come let’s join hands, to complete all the chores together, one person doing it all alone shall get tired and exhausted, then why not join hands and work together?”

I just have some questions to ask, when women can play the dual role of both a home – maker and a professional, why can’t it be the other way round? When she can share your responsibilities, why can’t you? . Why is it so difficult for the people to accept the alternate scenario? Isn’t is the duty of the males to help their mother, sister or wives with their household chores? Why is it considered only a woman’s job to do all the household work, look after the children, take care of each member’s likes and dislikes? And, most importantly, is she working for her own self? Outrightly no is the answer. Then shouldn’t one and all extend a helping hand and relieve her to some extent. Think it a bit personally, won’t you feel happy if someone extends you a helping hand?

Atleast if every member of the family who is old enough to take up some responsibilities, takes up something willingly, won’t it be a great sigh of relief to the house lady, won’t you fetch her some happiness? Believe me, you will. She will be more than happy. And, she truly deserves all the happiness in the world, as she cooks the most yummiest food for you, she does all the cleaning and laundry jobs, she is the one who takes care of your needs and comfort, she is the one who brings to your disposal everything required ranging from a tooth brush to your perfume, from salt and pepper to preparing the delicacies to serve you.

Sharing these responsibilities in your own unique ways and allowing her some time off, which usually she doesn’t get will indeed be a delight for her. We all have holidays, don’t we? Then why not her? Lend her some hours free, some hours for her own self, some hours for leisure to be spent in the way and manner she wants doing or not doing anything and everything she wants. This probably is a wish in every home maker’s heart but would she ever say it, being the kind of selfless service provider she is? Ask Yourself! You know the answer better, Don’t You?

Honestly, I am too lucky on this part. Want to know, why? Check this out, ‘Fresh’.

Ain’t I..???

P.S. – “I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association with Ariel.”

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