Inspiration to Happy Life…!!!

Prompt – Write about the things that make big occasions unnecessary, making you want to enjoy the moment you’re living in. Things that you feel should be present for you to be happy. It might be your family, job, hobby, pet, or discovering new places. Everybody’s inspiration to have a happy life is different. Blog about yours this weekend for the #CelebrateLifeAtIvy activity this weekend to stand a chance to win an exciting prize!

Happiness has no perfect, sure shot formula. Unlike the physical sciences and mathematics where two plus two has to be four, happiness is a behavioural aspect that differs from person to person or from time to time and hence no such trick exists. The onus lies on we, the individuals to be happy ourselves. There are different things that please different individuals differently. Here’s a selective list of things, activities, ways or persons that can be the reason of one’s happiness, at least for me, they are –

  • Family – I happened to read it somewhere, the acronym ‘Family’ expanded as ‘Father And Mother, I Love You’. And, yes I believe this to be perfectly true. It is parents who make the family and it is the family who makes house, a home. Without them, not only life seems difficult but incomplete too. Without them, with whom shall we share our happiness and who will be our strength in hard times. They are the ones who will always be by your side, come what but may.
  • Friends – They make happiness more happier.

After, the loved ones that make our life worth living, let’s talk about somethings that can boost up in low times and get going –

  • Pleasant Environment where we can think rationally and find some peace of mind after a tiresome and hectic day, so that the battery is charged up for the next morning. If we are in the best of our temperaments and full of positive energy, we would automatically be attracted towards positivity and spread the same.
  • Music and Dance – When we fall short of words to express ourselves, music comes to our rescue. It can set a happy mood for all, or say, at least lighten up the mood for that matter.
  • Exercising one’s hobby – Hobby is something that we love to do, so practicing it in low moods will surely make our day and inspire us to come out of the reason causing sadness, hence taking us a step closer to happiness. Be it painting, swimming, gardening, reading, writing, or any other such activity, they all act as a stress-buster and tension reliever.
  • Yoga and Meditation – Yoga and meditation helps us to lead a healthy life. Happiness is incomplete without health. There’s  a  saying in hindi, “Pehla Sukh, Nirogi Kaya” meaning the health is first and foremost, hence should be dealt with on priority basis. Only in a healthy  & well-being state can we spread and share happiness.
  • Morning Walk or walk post-dinner. It serves as a cherry on the cake if your near and dear ones join you amidst the lush-green surroundings. Our darling people, fresh air, light talks, and sharing smiles, a perfect combo meal of happiness.

Coming up next to the emotional aspect, they say “Happiness doubles when we share and spread”. Alongwith the other responsibilities we fulfil in the entire day, we should find some time for our social responsibilities as a human. Nothing can bring more happiness than donating smile to a crying or sad face, feeding the hungry, helping the needy, and taking care of those seeking.

That’s my idea of Happiness, what’s yours?

Feel free to share.

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