Hero, Missed Call, Discovery – WOW

Arranged marriages are very common in the Indian society and pretty much normal and to an extent acceptable to the Indian adolescences and so was it to them. It was a set-up where the guy and the girl meet each other, their families meet and see them and finally they are allowed to have a talk in private, after which they are asked to inform there respective families whether or not they found the other person worthy enough to spend the rest of their life with. If its a ‘yes’, they are married off. Is it that easy to take this decision of spending the rest of your life with someone? Anyways, not going into the further details of arrange marriages and coming to the main point, the story I am here to share.

They met around two years back, yes, in an arranged marriage set-up but somehow at that time they couldn’t manage to sail together but the girl somehow had an instinct that ‘yes, he was the one’. Now, after two years, one fine morning when she and her sister were talking to each other about love, life, etc (you know how is it with sister’s), she admitted that she still thinks that he is the one who is made for her. Her sister teased her and she knew that they had exchanged numbers when they had met two years back, so she insisted her to call and talk to him but she denied. While teasing her, by mistake the call got connected and she cut the phone instantly but by then a ring had gone. Seeing a call from her, he called back. He also remembered her even now. A missed call helped them in the discovery of true love and she finally met her Hero. They got married and this time was like ‘Together Forever’.

P.S. – This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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