Redefine your Smart Phone Experience with ZenFone2


Smart Phones, in today’s world has turned out to be a necessity, and is no more a luxury, since, they offer so many features that one is forced to own one. Be it WhatsApp usage that allows you to share pictures, videos, texts from anywhere to anywhere in the world, or be it being able to access to your mail box sitting anywhere and everywhere, or using the various mobile applications that has made life easier or surfing net or playing games, or Facebook, or Twitter, or clicking photographs, whether selfies or groupies, or using dictionary, or online shopping, it has made available anything and everything which once man never even thought of. The uses of smart phones cover the entire population, ranging from children to old age people. Kids have their rhymes apps and oldies have some online games and even health and hygiene apps. Needless to talk about the teens and the mid age group. Smartphones are the power bank or store house for anything that we need, a source of entertainment in leisure hours, a saviour in times of need, a source of generating, creating and retaining memories ( clicking photos wasn’t that common before the beginning of the smart phone era), a time saver for us bloggers as it isn’t possible to carry a laptop or P.C. everywhere with you, but we always carry our cell phone, it has made our writing convenient and within reach. Not only have these smart phones made our life easier and smoother but more knowledgeable and efficient.

Planning to change your mobile phone?

What are all the specifications that one needs, in today’s times?

  • Good Internal Memory
  • Battery Back-Up
  • An awesomely awesome high resolution camera that could take more than awesome pictures ( stands so true for photo freaks like me..lolz)
  • Nice Display, Bigger screen
  • Clear and Perfect Sound Quality
  • Document Viewer
  • Photo Editor
  • An user friendly interface
  • Wi-Fi
  • F.M.
  • Bluetooth
  • MP3 and MP4
  • Fast Battery Charging
  •  Being more particular, some nice colours shades and back panels.
  • Price Consideration.

Then, friends here we have the all new ZenFone2 (launching soon in India, on April 23) that covers almost all the above features. It is the world’s first smartphone with 4GB RAM. The phone lets users add the micreSD card of up to 64 GB. The 13 MP camera is capable of clicking pictures or taking selfies in bar or low-light areas, along with the 5 mega pixel front camera that is undoubtedly a good attraction for the selfie queens (and kings too). The rear camera allows to record full HD videos.It has Wi-Fi, Hotspot connectivity, Bluetooth, F.M., MP3 and MP4, that is to say these basic requirements are all fulfilled by the new ZenFone2. The colour options available are Black, Silver, Red, Gold and White. It comes with a larger display than other phones in the same category.  Last but not the least, price, it is expected to be well within the reach in today’s times, considering the features it has and the specifications it offers.


I must say, this is going to be  a nice phone looking at the features, specifications and designs. Looking forward to the launch of ZenFone2.

P.S. – In response to ASUS’s ZenFone2
Image Courtesy – Google

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