Reactions to Ad’s

They say, “Imagination is wild”. Indeed, it is, both the ways, whether it be how the advertisement is made or be it the reaction to those ad’s. Some ad’s are funny in itself and some are made funnier by the reactions or pouch lines uttered while the ad is showing. Be it anyways, the family shares laughter together, thats a good part. Being inspired by #CrashThePepsiIPL activity, I am listing down a few which I have witnessed, either with my family or my friends.

  • The ad’s of Fairness creams claim to impart a fairer complexion in a few days to which elderly people’s obvious reaction that comes out is “How can a cream get you fairer, if you don’t take care of your skin?” and then they’ll start comparisons with their times and will not stop speaking until proved that today’s generation is careless.
  • “How can a pressure cooker be related to husband’s love?”, quotes my cousin and adds, “Poor Husbands, they are forced to love both the wife and the cooker” He fears the day when he would be a husband, he’ll first have to be a cook.
  • When guys do apply deodorant, they might seldom have to get embarrassed when they are teased, “You want those girls to run behind you, that’s why you have put this, isn’t it?
  • An advertisement had suddenly made all the dad’s too happy since your happiness now rests in dad’s happiness. So, the entire focus has shifted from mom’s to dad’s all of a sudden.
  • There are advertisements in which they depict the babies dancing, my granny usually asks me how is that possible and then she herself replies, now a days kids are too smart, they can do anything.
  • If you want to be friends with someone, lend a chocolate and that’s the first step to being BFF. Easy, isn’t it?
  • Washing powders and detergents lasts longer than a month, shocking, isn’t it? Housewife’s and Mum’s could better answer that.
  • The secret of success for many bollywood stars has been some fairness creams. Why not the not so successful people start applying those?
  • My granny usually wonders if those auto motives could really jump those mountains and cross water-bodies as depicted. And, the ultimate sufferer is my brother, who is instructed to drive safe and slow.
  • Siblings fight, don’t they? You can’t be siblings if you don’t fight. That is their way of loving each other. But when we do, we are shown those cutie-pie brother sister ad’s., to which we often reply, that do you know why was that ad of just 30 seconds or so, that’s because after the camera went off, even they fought.
  • If you want to become a heroine, stay hungry for some time.
  • A three year old kids statement when she saw those suitcases being thrown up and down, here and there, “If you have so many that you are throwing, send them to me”. On hearing this, we all laughed.

With all due respect to all the creative minds and hard working people out there who have made those advertisements, it is just an article looking at the ad’s from different perspective which comes out as an obvious reaction. No ill feelings.

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