K says “Kitchen”

In response to the A-Z Challenge

Surprisingly, the first word that struck me with the letter ‘K’ was ‘Kitchen’. But, when i gave it a thought, i realised, no wonder when most of my time in the entire day passes in the kitchen that was quite obvious. By most of my time, I am not meaning it in terms of number of hours but I intent to say that just before the breakfast, luck and dinner hours, if you want to locate me, the place is ‘Kitchen’. And this is what has surprised me, as the girl who went into the kitchen to check out what was cooking has not ultimately slipped in the shoes of the one who’s cooking.

And, I am  happy with the change, not because I am a good cook but yes, it’s good to cook for your family and see that smile on the face of your loved ones once they return from work tired.

Image Courtsey –  Google


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