Ad’s that add…!!!

Advertisements are the fillers that fill in the gap between the main shows. Even then they are too much impacting and powerful. There are certain ad’s that refresh some memories, some that ignites a spark within, some that leave you nostalgic and some that make you laugh out loud.

1.Surf-Excel –

  • “Daag lagne se kuch achha hota to, to daag achhe hai na” menaing, if stains do some good, stains are good.The ad has depicted brother and sister love in a wonderful manner. It truly shows how caring an elder brother can be. It reminds me of my brother.
  • A random act of kindness by such a small kid that brought smile to face of a woman who was crying is truly worth appreciating. If we have more of such empathetic people in the society, the world would definitely become a better place to live in.
  • It definitely takes strength to seek forgiveness and say sorry but it takes a stronger person to forgive someone.

The portraying of virtues depicting the basic ethics and morals through kids will surely leave a lasting impact on the kids. And, if they pick up these virtues through these ad’s, it will definitely add to their character.

2. In India, bangles, locket and vermilion mark on the forehead are symbols of a married woman. The Camlin marker has made that permanent. Although a funny ad, but the thought behind is truly amazing and thought-provoking. A marker can change the life of a woman.

3. The joy of gifting is only experienced by those who gift. The respect and love for a teacher is well-depicted through this ad. It wonderfully depicts that student teacher relationship.

4. Kitkat break banta hai – After watching this ad, you will surely be left smiling. For once at least, it take your stress away.

5. Chocolates,  they are everyone’s weakness. Even grown ups do this for chocolates.

6. Oreo and Teddy, oops, daddy – It is a wonderful sight to see a father and a daughter play while the father taking care of his daughter’s food habits.

7. The visuals showing how a mother cares for her child is pleasing to see and seems very natural. The concern a mother has for children is incomparable and irreplaceable.

8. “Push kro, Khush rho”- Again, a wonderful ad depicting brother-sister love. The cute yet naughty younger sister and the caring and concerned elder brother, both have their own language to talk and understand each other, just like any other sibling in this world, isn’t it? At least, we siblings do have our own language and the dictionary of which belongs to us solely.

9. Kids are really innocent and cute. An attractive ad of yummy burger, McD’s Happy Price Menu.I’m truly lovin it.

10. Take some time out for family, vacations are meant to enjoy not for work. And, chocolates add to the sweetness. Moreover, it signifies to always keep a child alive in you.

A small interpretation of the ad’s, my way, my thoughts. Thanks for stopping by and paying heed to what I had to share.

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