WOW – Yin-Yang


Yin and Yang,

it’s a perfect bang.

opposite apparently,

yet complimentary.

It explains Life’s concepts completely,

and describes Life in it’s entirety.

This is worth a mention,

and one and all need to pay attention.

Nothing exists in isolation,

This is the essence of God’s creation.

Life is because there’s death,

Without Life, there can’t be any death.

There’s something good in everything bad,

And something bad in everything good.

That’s the way Life is made,

And, this is the way, move it should.

The wonderful mutual dependence,

albeit it’s mutual exclusiveness.

The white dot in the black,

and the black dot in the white.

signifies that independence they lack.

and interdependence is signified.

And, the curve implies that you need to bend,

in order to see who’s there to help or lend.

One needs to be humble and polite,

since, that’s an attitude behaviourally right.

Since, it is then you feel,

the incompleteness complete.

Then only the hidden truth reveals,

which in turn is a treat.

Screen_shot_2011_03_19_at_11_00_53_AMP.S. – This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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