Beloved’s Birthday Bash <3

“I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.”

This Diwali*, it was Gargi’s first birthday right after she and Garv got engaged. Courtship birthdays are special, aren’t they? Yes of course. Garv wanted it to be more than  just special and he knew that his presence is rightly anticipated and obviously expected. But, since it was Diwali, it was difficult for him to manage to go. But somehow he had to and so he did after a series of events that took place, including his surprise being almost revealed.

He had made some great plans to make his beloved’s birthday all more special. He had his own reason, the first one being, it was her first birthday since they met, secondly, it probably was the last birthday of her’s with her family as in the coming years she will be with her in-laws on her birthday and last but not the least, it was Diwali.

Being vacation time, it was difficult for him to arrange the tickets. They were all jam-packed. What were her likes and dislikes was another big difficulty he faced. He also had to ensure that no one from his family would reveal the surprise he planned which was pretty difficult as every now and then someone would call her to talk, it’s like that when you are newly engaged, isn’t it. Every next family member is excited to talk or for that matter know who is the new member being added to the family. This is how arranged marriages are. The next big task was to think of the gift, what should he be giving her as the birthday present.The most difficult one was to convince his family to let him go, as it was Diwali so he had to be at his home.

And, while asking them, he proved to be so convincing that they couldn’t deny. After all, it came ‘Direct Dil se’. He made sure that all his works get completed well before Diwali. All arrangements for that day, in his absence to be managed well. He was determined and excited to go.

Finally the day arrived when he had to leave. It was a difficult, tedious and tiring day for him. He kept rushing the entire day arranging and making gift for her. Now the next big task was to convince her that he wasn’t coming as by now she had some hints that he would come. And now when his phone would go not reachable, she would understand the whole story. So, he played a trick that his phone has got damaged, it is giving troubles while working so he has given it to the service centre and will get it back tomorrow morning and he knew that by that time he would reach and connect to her. So as of now his plan was working well.

The next morning he reached. The first thing he did was to call her and confirm that she was still not aware. The day went by as usual. They discussed their plans for Diwali and had normal talks and chats as they usually had. He assured that she didn’t get even a hint of his being there and he succeeded.

The clock struck twelve and the door bell rang. She opened the door, it was ‘him’ with a bouquet, cake and several gift bags in his hand. She was awestruck, flabbergasted, speechless,  and word bound. She couldn’t believe her eyes. But, yes, it was him. He was really there. There wasn’t any bigger gift she could have expected that day. An initiative that originated from Garv’s Dil (heart) directly touched Gargi’s Dil (heart). It was their #Dil ki Deal story.

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