G says “Girl VS Boy”

In response to A-Z April Challenge

Girls, truly angels in human form but then why aren’t they valued? Forget about the value, they are treated worse than one would treat even an animal. Doesn’t she even a right to take birth? How can a mother, who herself was once a girl treat another girl that too her daughter this way? How can a father not allow her to take birth and come in this beautiful world? How can they forget they wouldn’t have been there without their mother who was also once a girl.

Even if she takes birth, why isn’t she given equal rights as that of her brother? Why is she supposed to do entire household work? While a guy goes out and work, he is given a royal treatment at home, then why is a girl not given the same, even though she works at both office and home? Is she not allowed to dream? Is she not allowed to have wishes and desires? Is she not allowed to live her life her way? Why??? Just because she is a girl.

I do agree that the situation has improved a lot, scenarios have changed a lot, things are better than what they were previously but still there is a long way to go. Howsoever modern we might have become, but deep down somewhere in our thoughts, boys slightly over power girls, Why?

P.S. – Being a girl (and yes, a darling daughter of my parents), it is more than dreadful and heart breaking to witness such conditions around.

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