The Day Dreamer Challenge Day 2

The Day Dreamer Challenge – Choose/take a photo of something that represents you. It can be anything from a colour to an object. Whatever you feel represents you and your personality. Include a short paragraph about how it represents you and what it means to you.
The picture above represents an imaginary bird flying across the giant wheel.
The bird being a symbol of freedom and flying high to fulfill its dreams and the giant wheel signifying the hurdles and obstacles that come in the path of our dreams. We should learn to be as determined and dedicated as the bird is.  The bird’s flight isn’t affected by the obstructions coming in its way. We should develop this never-give-up attitude. Certainly, this was the reason I got attracted to use this picture for this prompt.

I hope I could do justice with the prompt.

Picture Courtsey – Me..I mean this is one amongst my recent collection.


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