Pen Stroke

LOVE – what is it…?? 
  • Is it a thought, a feeling of being cared, loved, valued and our reciprocation of the same…??
  • Is it being concerned about a person more than your own self…Concern, i mean from waking up to sleep, from breakfast to dinner, from minor headaches to major heartaches..??
  • Is it the desire to know the person, in and out, from his/her choices to ignorances, from his/her likes to dislikes, from his/her small wishes to the biggest of his/her dreams…??
  • Is that one prayer you make for his/her well being…?? Is that one wish you have to fulfill all his/her wishes..??
  • Is it that change that comes in you as a response to his/her thoughts or opinion about you..?? Is it that you are ready to accept all the pain from him/her..?? 
  • Is it the “feelings” that keep you waiting to talk to or chat with him/her..that keeps…

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