Yes, he did shave..!!

‘ ‘This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette”

Siblings always have a special place in your hearts and lives. They are the ones who have seen you grow through ages, cross the ups and downs, seen you moving across the happy as well as not so happy phases of life. They have seen you in times of strength and in times of weakness too. Rather I should be saying they emerge out to be your strength in weak times. Their love knows no bounds though the language of expression might be a bit different. Oh! I am sorry, it isn’t a bit different but there is a huge difference. With siblings its like the more you fight, the more you love. They might utter any nonsense to you, they might irritate you, they might tease you but the moment somebody else does that…God save that person..!! A perfect amalgam of friendly fights, sleepless nights, pleasant surprises, sharing slices, helping in crisis, etc. etc. etc. Such is siblings love.. Pure and Perfect, Unconditional and Incomparable, Friendly and Forever.
The prompt “Will You Shave?”reminds me of one such incident describing sibling’s love and the bond that they share.
Pritesh, Gauri’s elder brother used yo stay in hostel. It was for his higher studies that he had to leave his home and family and spend some time alone. Leaving apart philosophies, he loved being there due to several reasons like Independence, a sense of individuality, self dependence and freedom. Yes, freedom. By Freedom, I mean everything including the freedom of not shaving. It was around Rakhi that Pritesh generally tried to turn every stone to make it possible to go home and get the Rakhi tied on his hands from his sisters. This clearly proves the above mentioned principle, “The more you fight, the more you love.” This year also, as always he was home on Rakhi. He looked nothing less than a person who has come from ancient times when the concept of shaving was not known.
Gauri particularly, was very particular about all this. Although she was more than happy to see him home but she was annoyed to see her brother in such a state. Coincidentally, it was a three day holiday on Rakhi at that time owing to the weekend. Gauri kept insisting Pritesh to save but he give much attention to it. I should be saying that he didn’t show that he paid heed to what she repeatedly said. For two long days he kept teasing her by not accepting her polite request or say strict orders. As already said, “Sibling’s Love”. She had finally planned to give him a shaving  kit as rakhi gift. And finally, it was on the Rakhi Day that he honored or say obeyed her request cum order.  And this was the best Rakhi gift she could have ever got. The happiness on his sister Gauri’s face was no less than any golden opportunity that could be struck.


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