My First Century..!!


A much awaited day has arrived today.. Ever since I started blogging, I dreamt of the day I’ll be writing my 100th post.. Yes, this isn’t a very big achievement  but nothing less for an amateur, a beginner like me. And, moreover the first first’s are always special..Isn’t it?


I always thought what would comprise of my 100th post and always had thoughts striking my mind at the speed of light, but when I am writing this, I really do not have much to say. All I am feeling is a sense of happiness & joy that is beyond the description in words. But yes, apart from happiness it’s a sense of gratitude that occupies my mind. Through this post, I would like to thank all my fellow friends & bloggers who have truly been an inspiration & companion in this small journey.  A heartfelt token of love & gratitude to all those who have found enough time to come here, stop by and have been patient enough to read whatever thoughts I poured down. Looking forward for more from you all. Keep inspiring me with your valuable suggestions and comments and I will keep writing.



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