Letter to a Flower

Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What jumps out at you? Start there, and try a twist: write in the form of a letter.


Dearest Flower,

Hope you are in the pink of your health.  I am super fine and super happy to write to you. I know you can’t read this but I am sure my message will reach you in the same language as yours reaches us…Confused..??

Oh! please don’t be. I just meant that we will talk in your language since you don’t understand mine, I’ll try to converse in yours. You must be thinking how do you communicate, wait, I’ll tell you.

  • A bouquet of yours is best accompanied as a congratulatory message or with a Get Well Soon message.
  • You even help us to convey condolences.
  • An apology message or  a cheering up message is better said through your help.
  • You are a gift that spreads smiles along with its fragrance.
  • You convince the couples, you mend relationships, you add love in their lives.
  • The decoration you lend to our houses on special occasions is worth a mention.
  • The boutonnières and the corsage that you weave adorn us extraordinarily.
  • You complement our home décor.
  • You are the means to please God.
  • Some essential oils that you own also serve our medicinal purposes.
  • Your scent is a natural perfume.

And, the list goes on and on. You do so much for us and do not expect anything in return. Even if we do not treat you the right way, you still make sure to keep our lives fragrant as always. The misbehaviour doesn’t let the sweetness lessen. Your selfless nature is worth following. Now, I hope you understand what communication was I talking of. Set aside, the fragrance and the use you are being put to, your colour also communicates a lot. What is needed is to understand your language and emulate that attitude in our lives. To list a few —

  • White symbolises Peace & Purity.
  • Pink symbolises Grace & Delicacy.
  • Blue symbolises Serenity & Calmness.
  • Orange symbolises Energy & Enthusiasm.
  • Purple symbolises Spirituality & Faith.
  • Yellow symbolises Joy & Light-heartedness.
  • Green symbolises Good Health & Happiness.
  • Red symbolises Love & Anger.

The red colour can be taken to be a symbol of love & anger both, it is on we humans how we perceive things. Your nature is a perfect epitome of being patient, selfless and humane.

And my dear friend, these are no sugar-coated words to please you. This to express my gratitude towards you on behalf of the entire mankind. Moreover, you don’t need flattery, do you? You help one and all who comes to you asking for help. And, you even lose your identity and roots in order to be of help. Sometimes you die amidst the pages of lover’s books & novels and sometimes you are thrown besides the roads. And, the pure and gentle soul, you still help. What more can you do and what more do we expect? Nothing my dear friend, nothing. I look up to you. If any day I can be the way you are, I ll be glad.

Till then, I’ll always treasure you.

Loads of Love,


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