Verbal Confirmation

Daily Prompt – Verbal Confirmation – To be, to have, to think, to move — which of these verbs is the one you feel most connected to?


Since, I am a human, I can’t make this choice.

In its entirety, all of these, I rejoice.


is one’s desire,

it talks of ambition,

along with the passion.

It concerns the future,

with actions we have nurture.



is to possess,

all that one wants,

to us it belongs.

Need is its basic seed,

but we surpass it to the levels of greed,

& that is when ill feelings breed.



is intellectual’s wink,

As we have brains,

utilize & don’t let

it go in vain.

Though having it,

is no less than a pain.

But, its okay,

as they say,

No Pain,

No Gain.



is being in motion.

Since, it’s a basic notion,

if there’s a vehicle, it should be moving,

So, if  we keep moving, won’t life be amazing?

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