Home Sweet Home

Size Matters – Today, tell us about the home you lived in when you were twelve. For your twist, pay attention to — and vary — your sentence lengths.

Create a sound that pleases the reader’s ear. Don’t just write words. Write music.

I am glad that I still live in the same  I lived when I was twelve. Though the things have changed, time has changed and so has the structure and the people inhabiting it. I mean the house has been renovated and some people have shifted in and out of the house but the place is still the same, as heavenly as always.

 is where I live with my family, creating memories & re-living them and spending time happily laughing with each other. The place where most of my life is spent. The place where I have had ages of fun, The place that has been a witness to all the celebrations, howsoever small or grand. The place where even the ordinary days were converted to those special festivities due to the presence of some special people. The place that is evident to everything listing from smallest joys to biggest achievements, a sibling squabble to the elderly quarrel, from the moments to rejoice and cherish to events just opposite and anything that was happening and not-so happening.

The house I live in is a two floor building, the ground floor having a few big and spacious rooms with windows and ventilators for proper ventilation that serve as the living room and bed room, a moderate kitchen from where the aroma of delicious food keeps coming every now and then, a drawing room adorned with various trophies and mementos, a very large compound that witnessed most of my childhood and the games I played then, a common dining space where we all eat together, though sometimes the timings do not match (be it due to different school, college or office hours), parking lot (which formed a part of our pitch when as kids my brother along with his friends and I used to play there), two box-rooms that act as a warehouse (concerning the volume of the things they store) and small vestibule at the entrance and the upper floor is a roof-top open terrace where most of my late evenings are spent, even now. Back then, when I was 12, I used to roam about, run and wander with my siblings and friends and now my cell is added to that list. Our home is surrounded by the semi-detached houses on either side, facing the street directly and an open backyard where we have a few plants grown depending upon the season it is.

After this small description of the vernacular architecture of our rambling home, all I have to say is ”  is where your ❤ is.” And, all it takes is ‘Love’ to make a house “Our Home”.  I  our .

N.B. – As the prompt says, “Don’t just write words, create music”. I don’t know if I have succeeded in doing that from a reader’s perspective but while writing this I have re-lived my life in a glimpse like a small video clip where the visuals are from past and the music of is the love, care and concern that I have been receiving ever since the day I was born. I am thankful and honoured for having a chance to write this.

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. I see what you mean about re-living it in your head like a video clip… I was stuck daydreaming about my scene for ages whilst I was writing it! It helps you describe it though don’t you think? Great job by the way!

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