Ghost that wasn’t a Ghost..!!

Do you have a Ghost Experience? Do you wanna share it? Well now is the time :-)

It was around 11:45 in the night by my watch. A friend & I were crossing an isolated street, returning from a party. We had often heard that the street wasn’t really safe in the night, so to avoid coming from that area. And the reason behind it being unsafe was probably the cemetery that was just alongside that lane. But, being the educated youth and belonging to the practical generation of today’s time, we didn’t pay much heed to such warnings. And, fortunately or unfortunately we couldn’t manage to get a cab or taxi so were forced to walk down that lane. Was it owing to the transporter’s strike or the ‘so called abandoned area’, is still a mystery for both of us.

It was a chilly dark night, breeze blowing at its highest velocity and the echo of the silent night. Frequent thundering and lightning signalled for the rains to occur. The perfect ambience for a haunted street. But, we walked least bothered and unafraid till we saw something really strange and awkward. Howsoever practical our generation might consider themselves to be, but if they saw something that we did, they were bound to get scared, frightened and forced to believe the incidents that were stories for us till now.

There were two giant hands waving ‘Hello’ to us and asking us to move towards them. It seemed like a behemoth ghost dressed in white (as they show in movies) as giant as a giant wheel in the fairs or circus or some multi-storey building.  We thought it to be a brobdingnagian monster that isn’t going to spare us. We looked at each other and then towards the waving hands. This was repeated a several times before we finally realized what happened. At the first instance, we got a bit scared but finally decided to face our fears and confirm on our own that ghosts do exist or not & that’s what we did.

Finally, we approached towards the monstrous devil and were trying to grab hold of that hand. The harder we tried, the higher it went. And just then it was heavy lightning and thunderstorm again. I took out my cell phone, turned the torch on and were amazed to see what hung there. It was both a surprise and shock, both a reason to be happy and mock. What we saw was a banner torn into two hanging from the electric poles on either side of the road, that was blowing in the direction of the wind, which coincidentally happened to be towards us. When we saw this, we both laughed out loud. Was it a laugh for those stories we heard but never believed, or for each other for being brave & stupid or for the ghost that wasn’t  a ghost.?


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