A Perfect Amalgam

Weekly Photo Challenge – Nighttime

I am not a trained or professional photographer but those who are, say that night photography is as difficult as night driving. But, for me a sight like this is worth capturing. The full moon in a dark night is a perfect amalgam, isn’t it? And, then I don’t mind if it’s a professional camera in hand or my phone’s camera.

I never miss a chance to click such instants. I probably have more than a dozen such clicks of different days and occasions. And, all of them are my favourite.


The Magnificent Full Moon,

in the Enigmatic & Dark Night.

A beautiful scene,

fetching delight.

A real boon,

to visualize.

Natural standards hewn,

Eye-appealing sight.

Dark strewn,

Spreading heights.

Unlike the noon,

a serene site.

 The moon croon,

in the humming night.

The melodious tune,

amidst the dim light.

spreads too soon

in the quiet.

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