Every end is a new beginning.

It was a dark & beautiful Wednesday evening when they met at a coffee shop. His late arrival compelled her to wait and this was nothing new for her. She was lost in her thoughts of the quarrel they had the previous night and this was also the agenda of the meeting. The thoughts about the consequences of the fight as to in which direction will it lead them disturbed her. Does it signify the end or is it paving way for a new beginning? She was too occupied with her fear of the future and the memories of the past that she didn’t notice that he had arrived.

He called out her name in order to confirm his presence.

They greeted each other, trying to be friendly and not showing the impact of the fight, although it was visible in their eyes. The waiter arrived to take their order and they were busy pretending being normal. As soon as they realized that he was standing besides they abruptly placed the order in haste.

“One Gourmet Hot Chocolate”, she ordered for him keeping in mind his sore throat and cold. And, he knew it was for him.

Gourmet hot chocolate


“One Devil’s Own”, he ordered for her knowing that she likes it.

Devils own



And “One hot chocolate brownie” they said in unison.



“Anything else, Sir”, the waiter asked.

He looked at her face confirming if she wanted to order anything else and replied, “No, that will be all”. She didn’t say a word but he inferred that from her facial expressions.

This made them realize that no amount of fights and arguments can hamper their understanding, their concern for each other, and their being aware of each other’s likes and dislikes. This brought a smile to their faces.

Coming to the point, she initiated the conversation in a very straightforward manner. They talked and cleared their doubts and misunderstandings. The conflict stood resolved. And, it was a happy ending.

There is  a saying “If it’s not happy, it’s not the end.” So, the end has to be happy. And, every end is a new beginning. The end of their fights was the beginning of a new bond, stronger, deeper and everlasting as they vowed to get married.

Written in response to Writing 101 & Foreshadow.


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