Dear Friend (Building Walls Part.1)

Thanks Zee, for such a wonderful post.. ūüôā

Life Confusions

Why did I even cry for you
When I had been repeatedly being lied to…
By you…

I’m so stupid,
So so stupid
To ever think we could last
When a part of me always knew
You and I…are over
A little too soon…
But hopefully for good.

This is me giving it a closure
To a friendship of 7 years
I tried my best to hold on
But now its time to let go
Goodbye my old friend,
You were once my best friend
A part of me will always love you
Cling on to the memories of I and you
Memories is the only thing that lasted
Everything crashed around us,
Including the promises we made…
Of sticking together always.

I’m sorry old friend, I was holding on
But now I’m letting go.
Not that you care,
Nor that it effects you
It’s for me, for once…

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