A Twist in my Life

The biggest twist of the small life lived so far,

was the the choice of my career.

I had few options ahead of me,

One of which I had to be.

Finally, I shortened the list to two,

Still there were confusions in the queue.

As to which amongst the two

was better for me, I had no clue.

Finally I listened to my elder’s advice,

And this happened to be my career choice.

Oh! No, don’t think that I unhappy with it,

Coz, that is a fact, I am not.

Neither do I have any regrets,

after all,every profession has it’s own threats.

I agree, accept and am ready to face,

whatever comes to me in every phase.

But, sometimes I feel if chosen the other one.

My life would have moved in a different fashion.

Now, I know our career decision does affect,

our life in more ways than we can predict.

So while deciding,

one should be wise enough,

As if it is something you love doing,

the road will never seem rough.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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