#Writing 101# Day2#A Room with a View (or just a view)#

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

My Answer would be –


Happy Home is a place that exists in future….sounds impractical….but it isn’t as with your writing skills intact you can travel anywhere and that’s what the assignment also says.

So, getting back to “Happy Home”..one of those million and most important dreams of mine. I really get puzzled and worried to see the children and elderly people being thrown out of the house (I really don’t like using this phrase, but unfortunately that’s  a reality). And this is the driving force behind this dream of mine. Once, I have enough money to be able to sustain them, I’ll create our ‘Happy Home’ wherein those special children of God who are left abandoned and those elderly people who are forced to face difficulties at this age by those whose comfort was their prime concern always (i.e. their own children) will live happily together.

The elderly imbibing those morals and values in the little kids and the kids helping the former believe that “Life is always simple, we complicate it”, donating smiles to each other, taking care of each other, standing for each other, being there for each other. The children will get the love they deserve and the oldies will get the respect in return. The care will be mutual. Both of these age group people will get something they were deprived of and this will probably create a sense of happiness, joy and contentment in them. They will feel special and valued. And this feeling is enough to spark in someone the spirit to live. And, my life will be best lived if I am able to bring smiles to their faces. I’ll be on cloud nine.

‘Happy Home’ has no physical demarcations as of now, no real architectural plan in my mind. But, something’s that it will surely have are a small library where both lovely kids and their grannies will find books to read, medical room for immediate help (keeping in mind the childhood and oldage when people are more vulnerable to infections and require medical aid), airy and spacious rooms for all, an aromatic kitchen, a big dinning hall where they will all eat together ( They say “A family that eats together, plays together, stays together.”, and yes we’ll be one such family.), lush green surroundings, a garden with beautiful flowers,  a playground (even if not that big) and  a common worshipping place.

Please do believe me when I say this, I have really lived there ‘in my visuals’ while writing this and this was something more than an awesome and wonderful experience. When the visuals are so amazing, the reality would be mesmerizing and pleasure-giving. I hope that day comes soon.

5 thoughts on “#Writing 101# Day2#A Room with a View (or just a view)#

  1. That was beautiful. I also hope your dream comes true soon. I’ve added you to the list of sites I’m following. I definitely want to read more. aletakay.wordpress.com Life Lessons Book Nook


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