“Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder”


What does it mean..??

And where is it seen..??

Is it in someone’s physical appearance?

Is it only something that pleases the aesthetic senses?

Is it defined by one’s shape or size?

These questions, in my mind they arise,

To which I seem to find no answer.

It troubles me with a constant wonder,

Not the questions,

but people’ reactions.

They do no really fit – in,

with what I think.

The world judges you on the basis so weird,

The length of your hair, or the shape of your beard,

The colour of your skin or marks over it,

The curves on your body or the clothes’ fit,

The height you attain,

or the weight you loose or gain,

The gender you belong to,

And your kinda group or your crew.

This is strange but its true,

I don’t really agree with their view.

So, my wondering is not baseless,

These thoughts leave me restless.

How can one be so judgemental and harsh,

‘Beauty’ does not only lie in appearance, it isn’t that scarce.

It either lies in the ever so gentle and pure hearts,

Coz, ‘being beautiful’ is no less than an art.

Or it lies in the beholder’s thoughtful eyes,

as it needs ‘power’ to be able to identify, rejoice,

and appreciate all of the God’s creation,

And this goes without mention,

that such power lies and resides,

In the ‘Beholder’s Beautiful Eyes’.

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