Humanity Ashamed.. :(

The ‘Inhumane’ Humans

Below are the pictures of three cows on whom he ‘So-Called’ humans threw acid and caused burns. Are they worth calling ‘Humans’ and being categorized amongst the only species on this Earth who are supposed to have brains? Do they have..?? I don’t think so.

And, this is more depressing to see this in a country like India , where ‘Cow’ is considered to be holy and is worshipped.




But, the good side is that atleast there exist some people who are sensitive to such issues and human enough to take care of such animals who have been injured or are ill or who require immediate medical help. My heart cried out loud seeing the sufferings of the animals here but I was glad that they are being taken care of.

 P.S. These are the pictures taken on a visit to Nagaur, a small town in Rajasthan state where ‘Real Humans’ live and serve for “Humanity”

P.P.S. – This is a part of the ‘Weekly Photo Challenge, Theme – Humanity’

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