‘Voice Work’

As  a child,

I was the favourite of all my teachers,

They came to the class and ask me to stand,

not in punishment but as a reader.

Probably, coz I had a loud voice,

& they thought I was good at semantics.

The praise from the principal was also splendid,

The Best Newsreader, I was awarded.

I am not so sure to be deserving of all these praises,

I am lucky enough for having heard these phrases.

I bow down to all of them & thank in gratitude,

In hardships, this works as a fortitude.

Later in my teens, I wrote a poem for my friends,

recorded a whatsapp audio and  I did send.

They turned nostalgic,

& said it works as a magic,

when they miss me, they re-hear it,

& feel contended.

Thankful to all of them for boosting me up in all seasons,

Because of these and one more reason,

that in my writings, I’ll be able to put emotions,

and convey the feelings behind their creation,

I think, I’ll lend my own voice to my blog,

Available for it 24*7, round the clock.

 P.S. The idea originated from the Daily Prompt – Voice Work.

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